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With December *finally* here, we’ve been thinking a lot about the spirit of the holiday season. No, it’s not profits and power, but heart and making dreams become a reality.

The internet can be kind of a destructive place, but it can also be quite wonderful. With some effort, positivity, and ingenuity, the internet can be a place of powerful collaboration and connection. We want to take today to talk about something special we came across.

Have you heard of the 7 year old YouTube marvel? Ryan from Ryan’s ToysReview has become quite the sensation and actually has $22 million dollars to show for it.

That’s pretty incredible if you ask us! A little 7-year-old boy has made $20 million dollars by playing with his toys and unboxing new ones. What a life, am I right?

So, what about his approach led him to 17.3 million followers and the number 1 paid YouTuber of 2018? Well… he’s “entertaining” and “funny” and those are his words! But of course, we share the sentiment. This little dude had a dream and he made it a reality.

It is quite amazing what hard work, creative thinking, and digital media can do these days. That’s right, we said it! Digital media did this. Like we said before, the internet can be a powerful place. A little boy with a dream built up his following, created a safe and fun space for kids to enjoy toys online, and naturally advertising followed. Pre-roll ads bring in quite a large revenue and when highly relevant to the video content, they can make a huge impact.

Now Ryan has an exclusive toy and clothing line at Walmart and has signed an entertainment deal as well. All before his eighth birthday! reports that “content from his channel will be repackaged and distributed on Hulu and Amazon,” which is quite the feat for a 7-year-old.

I think we can all take a page out of Ryan’s (and his parents’) book and make our own dreams a reality. If you let your imagination soar and really push innovation, you can use digital media to help you rise to the top too!