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Who’s ready for 2019? We certainly are!

We talked through some trends to watch out for in the last blog, so we thought it would be a good idea to dive a bit deeper– particularly into video. wrote a great article on video marketing trends that we wanted to share with you.

  1. “Vlogging for business” As most of you probably know, vlogging has become a huge fad on social media. This is a great way to showcase the behind the scenes and any important pieces of advice. It makes it more fun for the viewer to see a different side to their favorite personalities and brands. These videos can be quick or a bit longer– it really depends on the day’s topic. 
  2. “Live video” Live video has certainly become extremely popular as well. Live streaming is now becoming integrated into most of the social platforms– particularly Facebook and Instagram. No matter what industry you’re in, a live video could be a great way to connect with your audience and answer their questions. It helps you engage more directly with your viewers and even let them participate by asking questions or commenting in real time. 
  3. “360-degree videos” Technology is constantly shifting and 360 photos and videos have swept the market and create a more interactive and immersive experience. These types of videos are great for helping your audience experience something very specific. This is great for travel and real estate of course, but imagine the possibilities with other industries! Think immersive event and museum showcasing. The possibilities are really endless if you’re innovative enough! 
  4. “Youtube ads over TV ads” I’m a big believer in TV and I spend a lot of time-consuming content in that way, but I almost always skip the ads or fast forward wherever possible. Hulu of course allows you to create more targeted ads in a TV environment, but that can get pricey really quickly. Youtube ads are way more affordable and actually reach more people. Just remember that most of our time is spent on mobile devices, so capitalizing on this trend will be imperative for getting your message out there. 
  5. “Virtual reality” Did you figure out the trend yet? Immersing and engaging your audience is vital come 2019. 360 videos are great, but imagine what VR can do. You can use a VR headset to show your market much more immersive tutorials and experiences.

So, are you ready to be the director of your own brand video? It’s time to start thinking of ways to better interact with your audience on a personalized level. And, marketers, video holds the key here.