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Let’s talk about LinkedIn, shall we? As marketers, we are well aware of the many many channels out there to reach our target markets. And nothing helps evangelize your brand quite like social media, particularly LinkedIn.

We’ve been thinking a lot about this recently and it’s clear that there is still a disproportionate number of marketers that don’t quite get the art that is LinkedIn marketing.

So, with that in mind, here are our four tips to successfully market via this business-focused social platform.

  1. Know your objective upfront! It is so imperative that you set your campaign to optimize towards the correct objective. Understanding the true KPIs will help you craft more relevant content, find better audiences, and set your campaign up for success from the start. The worst thing you could do is optimize towards clicks simply because it’s easy. Knowing your objective and optimizing towards more quality metrics will get you more quality results.
  2. Align to the funnel/sales. You can build really quality full-funnel LinkedIn campaigns by starting broadly with higher level content and then getting more specific with groups or retargeting with down funnel content. You can also better align with sales by targeting only the accounts they actually care about. ABM has become a huge topic of interest and no other social platform has the first party data as LinkedIn. You can even directly integrate to most CRM systems for real time leads.
  3. Content is king. We truly mean it when we say the best thing you could do for your LinkedIn marketing strategy is to amass content like no one’s business. Social platforms move quickly, and content rapidly becomes stale. If you want to stay relevant and keep your audiences engaged, nurtured, and happy, you’ll need to serve them highly relevant content every step of the way. You can even go so far as getting vertical specific to make for a more personalized approach.
  4. Test, test, test! Sure, all of these tips are great and will get you started on more quality marketing within the LinkedIn platform, but be prepared to test and learn along the way. Building up a brand presence and positioning yourself as a top thought leader takes time. It won’t happen overnight, and it will certainly require a lot of testing. A test and learn approach gets you much farther when it comes to reaching the right audiences with the right messaging. There are tons of tests you can get into to, but here are a few favorites. Test imagery: with or without people, text or no text, environment versus product, etc. Test video: what is the optimum length of a video? Is it 6 seconds, 15, 30, or a full minute? Test messaging: question in the headline or in the text, long or concise, value-driven or third-party validation… you get the picture. You can also test ad types, which we highly recommend. You can opt for a variety of ad types and, ultimately, engaging users through a broad array of creative and advertising strategies maximizes opportunity to capture attention.

We think businesses should always be thinking about LinkedIn from a marketing perspective. The platform has made great strides to be valuable at every level of the funnel and across brand and demand. Whether you want to showcase higher level content or generate quality leads, LinkedIn has extremely niche and relevant targeting tactics to help you reach the right people.

In addition to that, having a clear presence and relevant content is a must when it comes to personalizing and humanizing your brand. LinkedIn is a great way to position your brand as the most trustworthy thought leader in your field.

So, what are you waiting for?