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We all want to help change the world, right? I’m sure you’re all thinking, “if only it were that simple.” Well, what if it could be? What if there are business ideas out there that can potentially make real positive change? We came across some tips from to identify those type of business ideas that we’d like to share now.

  • “Find opportunities in your own community.” The best thing you can do is start locally. If you figure out what issues your own community is facing, most likely that can be translated to help other communities. Join volunteer groups or read about it in local papers/news sources. Thinking about things on a micro-level is the best way to start impacting your surroundings. Starting large makes change feel impossible, but if you can grow a small solution to scale, you can make a lasting impression.
  • “Draw upon your own personal experiences.” You will be much more likely to achieve a goal or develop a world-changing business idea if you are actively pursuing something you have faced yourself. What are you currently dealing with? How will those problems affect others? Likely, you are not alone in this. Don’t wait for someone else to solve a problem sometime in the vague future. If you see a hole, fill it yourself. Plus, you will be much more invested in the solution, since it will benefit you as well.
  • “Look for ideas that get other people involved.” No one is alone here. An idea that changes the world doesn’t just provide a service or a product, it helps shift a mindset. Changing someone else’s approach to their life can have much more lasting change on the world. Get your friends, neighbors, community members involved and you can have a much greater impact.
  • “Go out of your way to ask others how you can help.” If you don’t know where to start, the first step is simple: ask. Ask those around you how you can help, what challenges they face, what impact do they want to make. They might be able to shed really valuable insight to point you in the right direction. Successful businesses or projects do not exist in a silo. If you hope to change the world, even in a small way, you have to utilize those around you to build up even more opportunities and ultimately solutions.
  • “Give back through meaningful philanthropic work.” Like we mentioned before, it’s okay to start small. Your first business idea doesn’t HAVE to be a world-changing technology that will come in and save the future. If you pair a successful business with properly researched and relevant philanthropic work, you can truly make a difference.

No matter what you’re passionate about or what you hope to achieve, small acts of good can make a real change in the world. If you seek a greater purpose in your work, you can make a huge impact: both to your business and to the greater population. Real and meaningful change doesn’t necessarily come all at once at a large scale. It comes in small acts every day. It starts with you