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Have you been struggling to fill the seats in your webinar? Trust us, you are not alone! Webinars are such a great way to showcase your depth of knowledge and to stand out among your competitors. Of course, that only goes so far if people actually attend and engage with your content, right?

We came across some great tips and tricks on filling the seats of your webinar that we just had to share! Daniel Waas from GoToWebinar brings some great ideas to the table in his Content Institute article.

  1. “Find a killer topic” This seems fairly obvious but pick an interesting and relevant topic! First you need a clear understanding of your target audience and what their interests are. Both Facebook and Google have Audience Insights tools you can leverage to dig deeper. You can also use social listening platforms to better understand the topics people care about– and thus find more relevant webinar topics to latch on to.
  2. “Put all your chips on email marketing” Without fail, email is the best way for webinar promotion. Keep your message concise, actionable, and intriguing. Try to make it more casual and inviting as well and repeat your CTA at the top and bottom. It’s always a good idea to test out gifs, short videos, and/or engaging imagery. One last trick you might want to try is testing various sender names and templates. It might help understand who/what your audience resonates with.
  3. “Find a partner” Third party validation is always a good idea! Plus– adding a partner doubles the email list available to you. It also helps add validity to your webinar. When there are multiple presenters (particularly from different companies), you uplevel the webinar experience. It also makes the whole event a bit more engaging, which doesn’t hurt either.
  4. “Advertise on Facebook” Obviously we love this idea. Social media can be a great tool to drum up webinar registrations. Advertising on Facebook can reach a very relevant audience for an extremely efficient price. You can even drive straight to the registration page for an optimal user experience. We’ll add on to this as well and say you should supplement your Facebook activity with LinkedIn advertising. LinkedIn has a higher premium cost, but the audience is much more relevant and up to date when it comes to a more professional audience.
  5. “Optimize your landing page for conversions” Y’all know how we feel about optimizing landing pages. You must optimize your page for the desired action. If you want people to convert, make sure your page draws attention to the registration form. You should also ensure the page is mobile friendly since most people spend more time on their phones these days. Make sure to list out the benefits of the webinar and have a strong, obvious call to action.
  6. “Play a long game” When it comes to webinars, we have to play the long game, folks. Live attendance is obviously important, but don’t discount the benefits of a recorded session. A lot of people who sign up for webinars don’t actually attend the live session because they really just wanted access to the recorded version. Plus, you can even market out the recorded webinar to get even more use out of that topic. You can use that session to make even more snackable pieces of content too, which will be great for your content marketing strategy.

So, how does everyone feel now? Ready to go kick some ass with webinars?