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It’s no secret that with large budgets, the ability to generate content becomes relatively easy. The real trick is to produce the right content with a small budget. Even with the challenges a smaller budget generates, there are definitely things you can do to optimize for success.

It is quite possible to drive awareness and convert leads without a budget. That’s where social media and a little ingenuity come in! You can repurpose existing content or utilizing your customer base. It is incredibly simple to share customer success stories with the intention of building up your reputation or addressing a dilemma.

As for repurposing content, here are some simple tricks you can do:

  • Turn your emails into blog posts—okay, so we’re not talking about the emails with out purpose (like when the office party is), but more so the ones that address specific customer questions. Most likely, you are responding to emails with detailed descriptions of your product or service; these can be turned into great informative blogs.
  • If your company makes videos—turn the old ones into blog posts and embed the video! This is a fun and creative way to get the same content out there.

It is also quite easy to create new content! Here are some things you can do:

  • Answer simple questions about your field—that’s what Twitter is for! Use social media sites to answer questions about your topic and be amazed at how many people are actually interested.
  • Create simple lists to share—good examples of this are lists of the people to follow in your field or of your favorite sources of content from others.
  • Bring in statistics and facts—people love facts.
  • Get creative with your content—reference current events or pop culture; you can even bring in your favorite TV shows! We recently read a great blog that brought in one of our favorite shows. Check out B2B Marketing Insider’s blog relating storytelling to Game of Thrones.
  • Write about your own processes—people love any tips you have on productivity, so write about what you do to stay on track.

Overall, you should just have fun with it. We live in an amazing and technological world where everything we could possibly want is at the tip of our fingers. Let your personality shine through your content and it will reflect in your results.