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All marketing, but especially inbound marketing, is not a one and done save all. It is something you constantly have to work towards. There is no ‘congrats, here’s a check mark; you’re done.’ It is an ever-continuing process that you have to work to excel at, just as all the best things in life are hard work and take time to master.

As much as we wish we could wave our magic wands, say a spell, and everything will be perfect, that is just not the case. We’ve talked before about how our world has shifted into the instant gratification society. People want things immediately and efficiently. It is up to us to move beyond that in order to give it to them. A good marketing strategy will take time to build and keep up– but it will be well worth the effort.

Sometimes, marketing consultants promise things in time unrealistic time periods. We cannot partake in that! That is such a bad habit– it seems to be a new trend, one that we need to derail in its tracks. It’s easy to throw some marketing mumbo jumbo jargon to sound like the be-all-end-all solution, but in reality, these things take time and constant upkeep. The Social M’s came up with this great perspective on the subject, “Because marketing is a process, because a marketing strategy needs to be developed with the company in mind and for the specific situation, goals, resources, employees/people, processes, location, target audience, timeframe, etc.” Even good people can get lost in the jargon and hype and deliver false promises. We must always remember that marketing is more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but rather studying both the hat and the rabbit over time and implementing specific strategies to make that rabbit happy.

This is so much more than growth hacking. Those are simple hacks you can do to increase your traffic. Of course, that is incredibly helpful and beneficial to the company, but true marketing needs more time. Modern day marketing strategies run pretty deep and they must be implemented into the core structure of the company’s DNA in order to have the desired long-term effect. Basically, you’re taking the long route, but trust us, it’s definitely worth it.

The truth is: not all marketing practices will work for every single company. You have to research and study each individual company and implement changes that will work for that specific business. Like we’ve said a hundred and one times, it is a process. Behind every valid marketing choice, there was first an assumption of how it might be perceived and how the target market would react to it.

We have to always remember this phrase: “Under promise and over deliver.” Don’t make false promises that you cannot stick to, but continuously deliver more than what you originally assured.