V6.52: Leaders Unite Part 2

Magnetic Money Marketing blog leadershipLet’s face it, being a leader is hard work. As we’ve discussed before, there are a multitude of ways to lead your team, all of them valid in their own rights, but it takes a certain balance to figure out “leading” and true leadership. Don’t just be the boss at the head of the table. Be the uniting force.

Your team needs a real leader. Let’s jump into Entrepreneur.com’s “5 Ways to Be The Leader Your Team So Desperately Needs” and discuss, shall we?

  1. “Provide a vision.” Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for the team, no matter what, you need to provide a clear vision. You can’t expect them to work blindly. They need to understand what it is they are working towards. Setting the stage for your team is an absolutely crucial part of any endeavor.
  2. “Engage the team.” Okay, now that you’ve shared your vision, you should illuminate each person’s role to play in executing that vision. People want to feel valued and needed, otherwise they won’t put in 100% effort. When they fully understand their role and value, they will dedicate their time and effort to making it happen. Simply put, when people feel appreciated, they are more likely to perform.
  3. “Dig in.” Now it’s time to get to work! A true leader works alongside their team. He/she doesn’t just set a vision and disappear. None of that absentee leadership here, amirite? Lead by example and show your team that they should be just as invested as you are.
  4. “Celebrate the milestones.” It’s important to celebrate when a goal is accomplished. This circles back to people wanting to feel that they are appreciated. When you show appreciation in your team’s’ hard work and celebrate them completed a certain milestone, they will work that much harder to complete the next one. Great leaders make their team feel great about the work that they do.
  5. “Fail forward.” We’ve always said that the best way to learn is through failures. Mistakes made are lessons learned. Try not to berate your team when small mistakes are made, but instead encourage them to learn and grow. Failure is inevitable, so you might as well make a culture of acceptance and opportunity.

How about it? Are you ready to be the leader your team deserves?