V6.33: Leaders Unite

Magnetic MOnkey Marketing Blog leadership ropeLeaders unite and inspire. They push you to be your best and they show support when needed. There are a hundred different leadership styles, but at each one’s core, there are a few common factors to consider. At the end of it all, leaders must be the example– they must set the tone and build up a culture based on values and work ethic.

We must always remember the difference between “leading” and true leadership. The former represents a boss at the head of the table who doesn’t necessarily unite the team with a culture, but just expects the work to get done. The latter means bringing the team together with a common connection of values, collaboration, and work ethic. This team is more likely to get the work done the right way, not just any way.

Let’s jump into some ways to be a leader– and not just a boss.

  • “Pull the rope.” In a great article on Entrepreneur.com, author Erik Huberman likens leaders and bosses to a game of tug-of-war. The boss yells at his team from the sidelines, where as the leader is right there at the end of the rope, pulling. A leader works with their team in order to be the best example they can be. If they expect the team to do something, the leader should be willing to do it herself.
  • “Be the provider.” A great leader will provide their team with whatever support they need. Whether it be time and energy, thoughts and ideas, or simply informal happy hours to boost moral, you have to be there for your team. A leader knows when to guide and instruct versus when to get their hands dirty. Be the provider for your team and they will trust and respect your guidance.
  • “Become a ‘personal trainer.’” Don’t expect everyone to approach a situation the same way. Sometimes, you have to train and guide more than you originally thought. Remember not to hire or fire someone based solely off experience. Processes can be taught with a great training program and a strong leader. Critical thinking and drive comes from within, not necessarily relevant work experience. Keep that in mind when hiring and you will craft a quality team full of hard workers who want to learn and grow.

With all things, leadership is a balance. Find the right balance and your team- and your business- will thrive.