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Don’t ever forget that anything can be a component of your marketing strategy. It could be something obvious, like your email campaign, or something not so obvious, like your website layout. Bottom-line: Your online presence should be a huge priority in your plan of action as it is your primary face to the outside world and your inbound campaigns.

No matter the conduit for marketing your business, you’re going to have to spend some money. It can be hard deciding where to shell out the extra bucks and where to keep your wallet shut. Finding out what marketing methods deliver the best ROI can be difficult. I’ve talked before on why outbound marketing is becoming increasingly marginalized. When those types of ads end, the chance for more revenue generation is slim to none. One thing that never goes away though is the Internet.

In today’s modern society, we’re just a Google search away from any answer. Want to know the velocity of an unladen African Swallow? Google knows. Want to know where the closest Radio Shack is? Google knows. Want to know how to set up a blog? Google knows. Google knows everything (or so they would have us believe). It has become a part of our daily routines to search for something on the Internet. So it stands to reason that the first thing your potential customers are going to see is your website.

The first lesson any Inbound Marketing class is going to teach you is how to optimize your website. An amazing website can do wonders for your company. Seriously, an easy to navigate and informative website will literally bring in your customers. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you want to spend the extra money on perfecting your website? It’s a no brainer right?

Explore B2B said “The entire inbound philosophy is based on attracting potential customers to your business and converting these visitors into customers.”  This pretty much sums up Inbound Marketing in its entirety. When someone searches on the Internet, they’re looking for answers. Your website should provide them with exactly what they want and need. Instead of buying yet another newspaper ad (that probably isn’t generating that much business anyway), spend the money on optimizing your website and other various Inbound tactics. You’re literally investing in your content, which makes more sense anyway.

The good news is that the true cost of inbound marketing can be minimized if you can create your own content and have the vehicle to present it.  The expense will only come in when you need to go outside for a website and/or content creation.  Websites can range from $100 to $100,000+ depending on your contractor, number of pages and graphic content requirements.