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Yes, small things can make a huge difference; one drop of water at time eventually makes an ocean (or something like that, right?), so it also goes for marketing campaigns.  So now is the time to reflect and to take a moment to tell you guys some of the very simple things you can do to make a big difference in your marketing strategy.

There’s absolutely no reason to spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily when social media is so cheap and easy.   Ideas include:

  • Create short-term and long-term goals~ then stick to them! This is such a small thing that we sometimes forget creating goals can be incredibly helpful. For those short-term goals- just tell yourself how many times you’re going to Tweet or update your status that day. This is just one of many ideas, but it is a great start. Long-term goals could be more along the lines of obtaining 150 new Twitter followers by the end of the month.
  • Blog consistently! This is so simple that even kids are doing it these days. You’re already doing the work, just make sure you have a set day to do it on. People like routines and consistency. If you make Wednesday your Blog Day, then your followers will start to expect and look forward to reading your blog on that day. People are comfortable with what they know.
  • Customer service is still your top priority~ even on the Internet! I’ve said this once; I’ve said this a hundred times. Delighting your customers should be priority number one. Always. If people are Tweeting at you or commenting on your posts, send them a quick thank you back. It is a very easy way to show your readers you actually care about them. In doing this, you’re also reminding them that you are not a nameless, faceless droid, but an actual human.

These steps are great, but you must always always always remember to track your progress. Your goals won’t help you if you are not tracking the progress of your social media campaigns. Make sure to track your follower growth, page views, favorites/likes/retweets, mentions, you get the picture. Facebook, Twitter, and all those social media sites make it incredibly easy for you to monitor your progress.

These are just three of many great and simple things to do with your social media strategy. Utilize these tips and be amazed by the differences you’ll see.