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To say that marketing is extremely important is a blatant statement of the obvious. All right, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but the sentiment rings true. Having a great product, although imperative, is not the end all be all to a business. What’s the point of a great product if no one knows about it?

Marketing creates growth and ultimately drives the consumerist world.

Marketing, in one form or another, has pretty much existed for centuries. Just picture a marketplace in medieval England. The guy selling bread didn’t hide in a corner and hope people would magically find him to purchase their bread; no, he stood in the crowded market area and yelled about his bread for sale. That’s how people knew what he was selling—he was promoting awareness for his (albeit small) business. We’re pretty much doing the same thing now. Marketing strategies may have changed over the years, but the main concept is still the same.  We’re creating brand recognition and awareness for our potential customers. What’s the point of selling something, if no one is buying?

As long as we live in a world full of consumerism, we will have a need for marketing. It’s what helps us progress as a company. Mark Cuban said “No sales, no company” and, wow, that just sums everything into one nice little statement. Without anyone buying what we’re selling, there is literally no point. Why do we start companies—to give the world products in exchange for monetary compensation, that’s why. What’s a company with no customers? Nothing. With marketing, you increase your awareness and thus bring in interested people. Then comes the actual selling of your product/service—BOOM, money.

Udemy Blog came up with a great list of why marketing is so important and I really liked what they had to say. Here’s their list:

  1. You’ll make more sales
  2. You’ll increase awareness
  3. You’ll learn your metrics
  4. You’ll make consumers trust you
  5. You’ll build a social asset
  6. You’ll learn your marketplace
  7. You’ll discover what works
  8. You’ll develop an ‘ideal customer’ profile
  9. You’ll learn how to test and optimize
  10. You’ll build a powerful brand

See? Marketing is literally so important when it comes to progressing your business. It helps drive sales, then helps keep those customers satisfied. So the next time someone says marketing isn’t as important as other things, remind them of all the reasons we truly need marketing in our world.