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In the past, I’ve talked about how delighting customers is vital to furthering your business. This is mainly because word of mouth is one of your strongest marketing assets. Public relations are absolutely essential in regards to promoting your company. The most important thing to remember when it comes to PR is people.

It is literally all about people and both the small and large interactions with them. Everything is about the connections we make. Simply put, PR is getting people to like and trust you.

Here are a few PR actions you can utilize:

1.    Email: This extremely simple act helps your image. Email your contact list a newsletter with the latest good news about your company, products, and events. This should not be a sales pitch, just a letter with some positive information. This is a way to humanize your business. It puts a good face to your company.

2.    Sponsor: In last week’s blog, I mentioned sponsoring YouTubers in return from them promoting your business. In regards to PR, look to your local community events to donate your product or service as a prize. This is a way to showcase your services to the people. It is also a way to get some publicity through the event’s advertisement.

3.    Survey: Send out a survey to your clients, employees, suppliers, everyone. Ask them what they like most about your company and what they would like to see improved. After this, reinforce the good points and address the negative ones. This is a simple and free thing that can show your clients you are interested in their opinions.

4.    Donate: Support a relevant charity and become very active in promoting it. Show people your charitable side. You can even put a blurb about your charity in the newsletter.

All of this is great, but you HAVE to follow up after. Send a thank you after someone participates in your survey or promotes your services. Be the kind of company that interacts with their clients. Those interactions truly make all the difference.