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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blogWe’ve talked before about the importance of a great email and what it can do for our businesses. Let’s break down exactly what makes a spectacular email spectacular—and by that, we mean what actually works towards converting leads into customers.

  1. Attention Grabbing Subject Line: Let’s face it, the average person receives tons of emails every day—from spam to loving messages from Grandma. Your subject line is the first thing the person reads so it should be clever and eye catching. It should capture attention while also inviting them to open the message. OptinMonster summed it up quite nicely. “Using active verbs to tell the reader what they can do tends to convert very well because it’s simple and to the point.” You have to tell them exactly what to expect. Get 50% Off Your Favorite T-Shirts Now is a great example of that.
  2. Matching Content: Make sure that whatever you say in your subject line actually matches the content in your email. You really wouldn’t want the reader marking the email as spam because your subject line promised something the content did not deliver. The point is to convert leads into actual customers—and if people are just opening your email and not actually moving towards a sale, you’re not doing something right.
  3. Single Minded Proposition: No one likes a giant run on sentence, right? A run on email is the same thing. You don’t want to read some long-winded, convoluted mess of an email. You want something short, simple, and to the point. Have one clear action or goal in mind when crafting an email and make sure that it comes across—after that, STOP, DO NOT PASS GO. Don’t ramble on and on with some other message; you can save that for another email down the line.
  4. Compelling Call-to-Actions: We’ve talked before on the importance of a call-to-action. Make sure to add very clear and distinct call-to-actions into your emails. Utilize strong action words in order to capture the attention of your reader. Buy; order; start now; sign up; etc. Follow that with words that compliment your CTA and highlight the benefits of your product. The idea is to further increase conversion.
  5. Keep It Brief: We all know that most people do not read every single word of an email. Most simply skim for the vital information, so you have to format your message for those types of people. Try to keep your emails brief and simple—they should be able to read it in about seven seconds. Make your main points stand out by bolding and bulleting them. Maybe even add a second call to action so that if they skim past the first one, there is a second one to catch their eye.
  6. Benefits VS. Features: Often times, it seems like a good idea to list all the features of your product, but that actually hinders and not helps you. No body wants to read a long list of features in an email (that’s what your website is for). Simply craft your message in simple, user-friendly terms. Tell them what’s in it for them.
  7. Human Element: How many times have we discussed the vital nature of adding in a personal touch? Probably a million and one. You CANNOT make it seem like your email is crafted by a robot and automatically sent to your entire contact list. Make it personal!
  8. Proofread: This should be obvious. Reread your email multiple times before actually sending it. Typos can really hurt your credibility! Personally, I am more likely to trust someone with correct grammar and spelling. Make sure you proofread that email at least twice!
  9. Track and Improve: All of your emails are going to be different, so it is vital to track the metrics and analyze results on every single one of them. We know how important it is to learn from what works and what doesn’t work.

If you utilize these techniques, you are bound to see positive results in your email marketing game! It is imperative to be as authentic as possible and trust in your strategies!