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magnetic monkey marketing blogWe were recently quite inspired by a great quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower. It goes something like “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” We want to take the time to discuss some tactics of leadership that inspire and engage your team.

We’ve talked before about how the best way to engage your team to reach their full potential is to master a certain level of a level of trust, respect, and dependability. *With a dialogue that emphasizes the opinions of your team, you are creating a space for true thought leadership. Be a driving force for innovation! Setting the parameters of a conversation can lead to a very focused and solution-based discussion.  Let your team’s creativity be a wealth of knowledge for you. Let it create your success.

When you focus on inspiring your team to want to do the work, you are truly setting yourself—and your company—up for a successful endeavor. People are more willing to invest their time and energy into a project they actually want to work on. If they are stuck doing something you are forcing them to do, the work will likely suffer.

We’ve noticed that there are many different types of leaders out there. In our experience, the leaders who inspire and engage their employees are the most effective kind. In the business world, you need a leader who is willing to listen to your input.

Great sites like POPin are incredibly helpful when it comes to employee-wide communication. Fostering this type of communication ultimately benefits you in the long run in that it brings your team into the decision making process.

Basically, this way of leadership allows for the following:

  • Increased communication throughout the team
  • Maximized efficiency both in general and on an individualized scale
  • Mutual respect, trust, and dependability

It takes a leader with great patience and sincerity to illicit this response from their team, but it is well worth it.