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magnetic monkey marketing blogWhen it comes to good business practices, we can name a thousand, right? But at the end of the day, the most important one is actually being motivated to try them out. With motivation, comes success. There are, of course, many different types of motivators– it all depends on the person. Some are fueled by fear while some are fueled by the desire to succeed. There is no wrong way to find motivation… you just have to find the right way for you.

We are firm believers in keeping a positive attitude and learning to move past the obstacles in our way. When we came across an article written by Shannon Kaiser on, we just had to share her insight on the subject.

  • “Are you a ‘why bother?’ person or a ‘why not?’ Person?” The way in which we respond to problems can really define the type of success your company gains (or doesn’t gain). If you come across an issue, the best way to handle it is not to shut down and place blame on circumstances or people. You have to face it head on and not let failure consume you. A ‘why bother’ person creates a million different excuses and never actually gets anything done. A ‘why not’ person steps up to the plate and shines. Don’t let obstacles (small or large) deter you. Motivate yourself and focus on productivity
  • “Do you focus on reasons or results?” So, we talked about the importance of a positive attitude. You can either focus on the so called reasons why you shouldn’t do something or why it won’t ever work out… or you can focus on actual results. When you stay in a positive mindset, you’re setting yourself up for a successful endeavor. Results-driven people are more likely to get what they want out of life– and business.
  • “Do you think ‘it can’t be done” or do you find a way?” This is another example of how a positive outlook can change the way you approach a situation. If you go into a daunting task with the thought that ‘it can’t be done’… well then it won’t be! You have to know that you’ll find a solution and you will.
  • “Do you follow the rules or are you comfortable breaking them?” Yes, rules can be great. Some rules are made for very important reasons and should NEVER be broken– like liking your own Facebook status. Others, however, are more guidelines than unbreakable and set in stone. Playing it safe can be your detriment. If you’re too scared to branch out and try something new and different, you might as well expect the inevitable flat-line. Break some rules and be DIFFERENT. Think outside the box and come up with something amazing.
  • “Do you see the world as a threatening, harsh place or a kind, loving one?” Have you heard of setting intentions? It’s the idea that what we put out into the world, we will receive it back. In her article, Kaiser says, “we attract what we believe.” And how right she is! If you only see the negative, you’ll only get the negative. Step out of that bubble and embrace positivity. Focus on the small and genuine acts of engagement and inspiration and you will become much more productive.

So, what do you all think? Are you ready to break down those barriers and let your motivation lead the way?