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Magnetic Monkey Marketing AudienceOkay okay, we know what you’re going to say: another blog about the importance of listening to our audience? YES! Simply put, it’s just that necessary.

Obviously, content is still extraordinarily vital. BUT, it is your audience that reads and engages with that content, so they must come first. It’s really just the natural order of things. People first, then content and product. We know all about why social media, blogs, and other content-based platforms are useful, but a common question that comes up is what to actually post.

A common mistake is thinking about what goes best with the type of product or service you are selling. When you constantly post about your own product, you come off as too “salesy” and no one wants that. Content marketing is all about the audience: what they want to read; what they want to engage with; what THEY are looking for in a business.

Susanna Gebauer with the Social M’s wrote some very good points about this topic that we’d love to share. She had this to say about starting with audience instead of content: “The first step towards success in content marketing is to attract an audience, which matches your target group. If you did your homework and analyzed your target group you should be able to instantly come up with several topics they are interested in or talking about right now.”

Easy enough, right? Find out what your audience– the people who will hopefully become customers– wants to read. And if you don’t know what that is, check out competitors and influencers in your same field. It can be great inspiration. Who knows… maybe you’ll even learn something new in the process.

Your content isn’t (and shouldn’t be!!) about overtly selling your product. It should be about building up a much-needed trust between audience and company. It’s about creating a brand and a positive reputation. And how do you do that? You guessed it! Trust that your target audience knows that they want to read about. Listen to what they have to say in your comments. This will ultimately help your marketing exponentially. A loyal follower base will turn into loyal and satisfied customers.

Attract your audience and keep them interested! You know this, we know this; so we are we still here?

We just have one final tip for you: BE CREATIVE!

Come up with fun new ways to engage your followers. They’ll thank you for it.