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magnetic monkey marketing blogWe’ve talked in depth (maybe more than necessary?) about content marketing strategies, so you should be more than updated on the topic. We wanted to talk today about the importance of aligning that marketing technique with your mission statement. It’s not enough these days to just have a mission. Those aren’t just words… it’s part of who you are as a business- your brand, your reputation, your goals. Because of that, it is incredibly vital to have the mission permeate all content.

Jayson Demers wrote “6 Ways to Align Your Mission With Your Content-Marketing Strategy” for and we just had to share the knowledge.

  1. “Recognize the importance of brand consistency.” The very first thing to remember is that you should be keeping your brand consistent across all the social media platforms. Your followers, your customers, and your employees will thank you for it. They want continuity. It’s part of building up a reputation and trustworthy, loyal, and useful. The content should reflect your company identity completely across the board. It shouldn’t matter what platform you choose to utilize at any given moment. If a reader looks at various sites, they should leave with the same feeling overall regarding your content. The moral of the story is to keep it consistent. Period. End of story.
  2. “Draw topics from your mission and objectives.” It helps to take inspiration for your content from your mission statement and your overall goals for the company. When customers or leads can read your posts and take away a sense of who you are, you know you’re doing something right. This is a great way to tie your identity to your content. Of course, you can get topics from other sources as well, but it’s always a good idea to incorporate your objectives into your posts.
  3. “Keep tone and demographics in mind.” As always, keep your target market in mind. Work off that but allow your mission to dictate the general idea. If your goal is to help clients engage in open discussion, make sure you keep a line of dialogue open with your followers. Your goals will shine through your content. Maybe try writing in a more conversational style and engaging in some Q&A with your readers. Basically, you are practicing what you preach.
  4. “Announce your efforts.” Demers wrote, “If your company’s mission or objectives relate to corporate social responsibility, you’ll probably be involved in efforts related to those objectives.” Put yourself in a position to show off your knowledge of your mission. Maybe give a talk at a local conference or facilitate learning opportunities. Either way, announce your efforts of engagement and goal achievement at the right moments– the best types of opportunities for you.
  5. “Use images and video.” Image and video are great mediums for demonstrating your ability to follow through on your mission– plus they are fun and creative! You could easily add photos to your content or create visual media campaigns. It’s also kind of cool to post pictures of your team doing what they say they do. It’s great photographic evidence! A simple picture of your team at a entrepreneurial summit for example.
  6. “Evaluate your touchpoints and customer reaction.” As with everything, you should always be measuring what works and what doesn’t work. Don’t forget about your core content campaign. Post mission related material when it suits the need– don’t bombard your followers with pictures of your team. Engage the best way you can and embody your own brand. Gauge the way your customers, readers, leads, employees (whoever really) react to your posts. You know the drill, give the people what they want.