V6.26: Fear as a Motivator

Magnetic MOnkey Marketing Blog fearLast week we talked about how leaders think differently and how to utilize that knowledge in our own way. This week, we want to delve deeper into a very important topic: fear.

Fear is not as scary as we tend to believe. How can we take our fear and use it for our benefit? Sherrie Campbell walks us through 7 really great ways we can think differently about fear. Let’s dive into that, shall we?

  • “Fear as a challenge.” Our natural response to fear is to hide and avoid. What if we took that fear and accepted the challenge? What if we used it to learn and grow? We would take our businesses and projects to whole new levels. At the end of the day, fear wants you to take it on and challenge it. The only way to succeed in life is to learn from past failures. Don’t be fearful of change, embrace it and move forward.
  • “Fear as motivation.” As much as we believe in positive reinforcement and words of encouragement, fear is a great motivator. Being afraid of something propels us forward and forces us to come up with new methods and strategies in order to combat what it is we’re afraid of. It motivates us! Don’t let fear overtake you, however, or you’ll drown in it. Rise above it and really let your fear of stagnation push you in the right direction.
  • “Fear as curiosity.” Fear tends to make us curious creatures. It lures us out of our hiding places and compels us to reach to new places. Question everything. Your fear is not something to hide from! Be curious about it! What is it you’re actually afraid of and how can you move forward?
  • “Fear as guidance.” Let your fear guide you! When your emotions are heightened like that, you can use them to your benefit. Fear can be a great teacher. It tells you when to slow down and think big picture and it tells you when to be bold and take risks.
  • “Fear as useful.” We love the quote, “There’s nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” The same can be said with fear. Fear doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Honestly, it’s just sort of unpleasant at its core. It gets to be crippling and debilitating when you let it overtake you.
  • “Fear as wisdom.” Fear comes from the gut, right? Use that gut reaction to make good choices and risks. Let it motivate you and inspire wisdom. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn from what your are afraid of.
  • “Fear as a catalyst.” Fear can push us to do a lot of things– both good and bad. Make sure to use your fear as a catalyst for positive change. It really is a great motivator, but only if you take it to the next level. Once you truly question your fear and understand it, you can work to change and grow.