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Magnetic MOnkey Marketing Blog BrandingMission statements, brand statements, and company goals– whatever words you want to use here all boils down to the same thing. What does your company stand for? What are the goals, values, ethics, etc.?

Seems SO boring, trust us, we know. However, all companies, large and small, need to craft one of these babies. It doesn’t matter if you’re Target, Taco Bell, or a tiny mom and pop type of shop. A mission statement helps illuminate and clarify what it is you do and why you do it.

So, that being said, how does one write a quality brand statement? You should probably be answering these three questions Lesya Liu wrote for

  • “What is the core competency of the company?” What is it you offer? What can you do for your target market? And most important, what separates you from other companies in your field? Try not to over generalize your product or service because that just defeats the purpose of the statement.
  • “Who does the company serve?” Who is your target market? Who will benefit from what it is you do? There is absolutely no company that can serve everyone– except maybe Target, but Target is awesome. Hone in on who will most likely engage with your product and how it can help make their lives easier/better/more efficient etc. Your mission should make it clear for whom your service is meant.
  • “Why does it matter?” Okay, real talk. Why do you matter? Why should anyway take time out of their day to read about you? What makes you special and different than all of your competitors? If your company creates custom content strategies, explain why it is one needs that in the first place. It might seem obvious to you, but you should still put it into writing. Mainly because, when things get rocky, you’ll need that reminder of why what you’re doing is important. It helps you to believe your mission statement, not just sell it.

Ultimately, your brand statement should be at the forefront of your mind in all things: your content, your customer service, your website, you get the picture.

Seems pretty simple right? What do you all think? What’s your best brand statement?