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Magnetic Monkey Marketing blog creativeAs you all know, we believe content reigns supreme in marketing. There are a lot of different types of content and that can get overwhelming sometimes. Let’s take this time to breakdown some of those content types and how to best utilize them in our marketing efforts.

AdEspresso wrote a list of 8 different content types and we just had to share them with you all!

  • “Blogging” Okay, so blogging is OBVIOUSLY super important. Why else would we write one every week? With the Internet allowing for all the answers we could ever want to exist easily within our grasp, it is our job to bring those answers to our community. Blogs provide us a way to get our information out there and become credible sources in our fields. A great blog can really help convert potential leads into satisfied customers!
  • “Longform Content” This is a great way to build up your reputation as a relevant thought leader in your field. Longform content is free and available easily on the internet. Prove to your target marketing why you’re necessary by educating.
  • “Case Studies” Third party validation is essential when it comes to convincing a user you’re worth their time, money, and effort. When they see how you’ve helped someone just like them, they will be more likely to convert. Case studies are a great way to highlight how your business was able to make someone or another company more efficient or more profitable, etc.
  • “White Papers” This type of content is a great way to competitively position yourself or your product as a solution in the marketplace. Utilize white papers in order to efficiently educate your target market on the benefits of your good or service.
  • “Ebooks” Nurture your audience with highly relevant eBooks to further deepen their understanding of your brand. Trust us! They’re a great way to garner leads. Show them a proper value proposition and they will respond. Plus, you can repurpose and reuse them quarter over quarter as long as the information is still relevant.
  • “Infographics” Utilize high impact infographics in order to showcase your brand in a fun and visual way. People respond well to easy to digest, snackable content and infographics are the perfect method to do just that.
  • “Templates and Checklist Downloads” Today’s demographic tends to really respond to that snackable, list-oriented content. That’s why Buzzfeed is so damn popular! Creating actionable checklists or templates to use is the best way to garner leads while still remaining educational and useful.
  • “Video” Video is becoming much more popular in today’s day and age. It’s a marvelous way to dynamically visualize your message and retain the user’s’ attention. Bring your message to life with both short form and long form videos.

So, those are just 8 of many types of content pieces you can utilize! What are your thoughts and are you ready to test out some new methods of distributing your message?