V6.45: The Content Overload Dilemma

Magnetic Monkey Marketing blog contentWe live in a fast-paced world filled with content everywhere– and we do mean EVERYWHERE. It seems like you can’t do anything without some sort of content bombarding you, whether that’s your friend’s organic Facebook post, a sponsored ad on social media, or a banner ad on your favorite website.

People can scroll through content so quickly these days that a branded message often gets lost. It’s hard to stand out these days, am I right? Every day there are more ways to consume relevant content, more ways to refine targeting, and most importantly, more companies jumping on the inbound train. The competition is STEEP.

Think about what you do in one minute– just one minute. Doesn’t seem like much, but you can actually accomplish a lot. In a minute, I can text a friend, scroll on Instagram, and send out an email or two (if they’re short of course).

While scrolling through one of our favorite marketing blogs (Contently), we came across an extremely eye-opening infographic created by Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan.

MMM internet minute

So how do we stand out when there is SO MUCH content out there?

STRATEGIZE, of course.

  • Figure out the most relevant target audience and create content they will love.
  • Utilize eye-catching, dynamic imagery that will stand out in a news feed
  • Engage your target market with interesting and snackable content
  • Utilize all the various types of content and serve them to those who would find them most valuable

These are just a few thoughts, but there are tons of ways to stand out! We’d love to hear your thoughts too.