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Whether we want to admit it or not, our businesses are losing customers. That’s just the nature of the game. It’s second nature for consumers to shop around and find what fits their needs at any given time. There is no so thing as blind brand loyalty anymore- and that’s not a bad thing!

It forces us to constantly update and find new solutions to incoming problems. It keeps us relevant!

Katie Lundin with  wrote five reasons why your business might be losing customers and how we can actively shift away from that mindset.

  1. “You’re guilty of poor customer service experience.” You could have the best idea with the coolest product, but if your customer service is shit, your customers will quickly move on. They need to be able to provide feedback and troubleshoot quickly and efficiently. No one wants to be neglected, you know? So what can we do to fix that? It’s pretty simple really. Respond quickly and make sure to acknowledge when a mistake has been made and provide solutions/timelines. Treat the customer with empathy and respect at all times! Being rude will not get you anywhere. It’s also vital to give the customer support team the support they need in order to do their jobs.
  2. “Your product or service failed to meet expectations.” Unhappy customers are WAY more likely to share their experiences than happy customers. If people are dissatisfied with your product or service, they will most likely post negative reviews. As you know, word tends to travel fast in that department. Spend your time improving the quality of your product or service by listening to your existing customer base. They can tell you what they wish worked better and what they want to see next. If you actually fulfill those needs, they will be more likely to stay loyal to your brand– simply because they felt heard.
  3. “You didn’t show the value.” Sure, it’s easy to show a breakdown of price and a pay structure, but what is the true value? What is the customer getting out of this? People don’t just gravitate towards the lowest price; they want the most valuable product for their given price range. Prove this by showing your unique value proposition and publish the benefits across your various social platforms and throughout your website.
  4. “Your business is inconsistent.” Nothing turns people off faster than inconsistency. Your clients need to feel like they can trust and rely on you. Inconsistent branding just confuses people and makes things harder for them to navigate. The best way to approach this is to deliver amazing experiences your customers can rely on! Make sure to educate your employees with a clear branding guide in order to keep everyone on the same page.
  5. “Your sales tactics are out of date.” Outdated, aggressive sales tactics just don’t work anymore. Throw that playbook out of the window and learn a new way. Nurture them and give them consistently quality experiences. You can do this with value-based sales techniques and by building relationships with your customers. Genuine interactions are much more likely to deliver responses than manipulation.

So, now that you have the tools to shift your mindset, it’s time to act! Let quality and genuine service rule your business model every step of the way.