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What happens when you’ve hit a content slump or a even worse, writer’s block? What about when you’re understaffed, and you have a line around the corner of people needing your services? Or maybe your boss needs you to get an urgent task out. ***Cue ominous music now.***

Any way you spin, work is stressful. It can be high stakes and the pressure can be overwhelming sometimes, but don’t you worry! put together a list of 9 ways to deal with stress at work that anyone can learn from.

  1. “Start your day off right” Starting the day off with a positive attitude, some breakfast, and a good sense of your day. If you look at your calendar in the morning, you’ll know exactly what’s on deck for you and you won’t have to stress about any uncertainty. 
  2. “Be clear on requirements” It can be exceedingly difficult to achieve success without any guidance or clear understanding of what’s needed. That not knowing can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. Do yourself a favor and clear up any uncertainty to make your day a lot easier. If your supervisor isn’t initiating these types of conversations, don’t be afraid to do so yourself! It will give you much more peace of mind. 
  3. “Stay away from conflict” This one’s easy. No drama. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from gossip and disrespectful communications. 
  4. “Stay organized” Planning your day ahead of time can help you keep things organized and decrease stress. If you have things planned out, you won’t be rushing to get in or find coffee. Also, no clutter means a clear head! 
  5. “Be comfortable” You’d be surprised how often physical discomfort affects your work. We spend most of our time sitting at our desks, so let’s make sure we are comfortable! Personally, we love a good standing desk or a back pillow. Even noises can derail our concentration and cause stress. Do what you can to find best scenario for you. 
  6. “Forget multitasking” Multitasking just doesn’t work. As much as we think it does, our work suffers when we try to do too much at once. Save yourself some stress and just do one task at a time. 
  7. “Walk at lunch” Nature and some fresh air can do wonders when it comes to destressing. Take a screen break and walk outside for a bit to calm your nerves and clear your head. 
  8. “Keep perfectionism in check” The best advice I’ve ever gotten in the workplace is to not let perfection get in the way of good work. Trying too hard to achieve perfection actually causes way more stress than it’s worth.
  9. “Listen to music on the drive home” Music makes everything better. It’s really true that a good playlist can lift any mood. Try it! Make a happy playlist with all your favorite songs and break it out on particularly stressful days.

So that’s it! Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, bust out some of these tricks and see how it helps!