I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and felt it was necessary to write about and share with you all. While there have been a lot of positive movement in regards to women in the workforce, there are still major issues at play.

And a lot of those issues are so deeply ingrained in society it’s hard to untangle. Most women are not properly prepared for the workforce as they are taught to play it safe, be patient, and nice. However, 9 times out of 10, you are not rewarded for playing it safe. Leaders need to take risks and be bold.

So with that in mind, I feel it’s my duty to share these 4 thought starters from Women Entrepreneur article “To Shatter Glass Ceilings, Spread These Four Messages to Young Women.

  • “Break into male-dominated fields early and often.” As much as we want to believe that 2018 has led to a less stereotype-driven mentality, but there are still a large number of jobs we internalize as male dominated. I encourage all young women to follow their passions and invest in whatever industry interests them. Challenge the status quo and confidently participate in ANY field you choose, no matter the stereotype. Don’t limit yourself.
  • “Release yourself from the “good girl” mentality.” As mentioned before, women are primarily taught to be nice and to play it safe. No one climbs the corporate ladder for these qualities. You have to take big risks and assert your opinions if you hope to be heard. Letting go of that good girl mindset is not always easy. Trust me, I struggle with it all the time. Never be afraid to express your authentic self and speak up for your beliefs. Dropping the supposed good girl act does not mean compromising who you are, but allowing yourself to shine on your terms.
  • “Claim your worth now.” I’m going to share with you some great advice given to me. “Don’t dim your light for anyone.” These simple but powerful words really stuck with me. You see, like a lot of women out there, I am quick to downplay my successes to seem more approachable. But you know what? That’s not how you prove you deserve more. The fact of the matter is is that women get paid less than men with equal to or less qualifications. As women, we need to believe in ourselves first and willing speak up for the work we do.
  • “Affirm other women.” Women should ALWAYS stand up for other women. I don’t understand why so many smart, capable women out there think it’s okay to tear down someone else for the sake of feeling better about themselves. Life is hard enough, we don’t need to make it worse for other women. It is our job to support and empower the women around us– that way we make each other’s accomplishments more visible. Let’s rise up together and teach the next generation to build each other.

While change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s vital to take small steps every day. Girls are more educated than ever and we need to celebrate that. So continue to share these messages with young women everywhere.