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If you’re like me, you tend to wear a lot of hats. You have do have a hand in most aspects of the day to day and sometimes, your brain might get a little overloaded. We have a philosophy here at Magnetic Monkey. Some people see the leaves, some see the trees, and others see the forest– and a rare few see all three at once.

It’s important to stack our teams with people from all categories. Let’s break them down quickly now:

The Leaves: People who see the tiny details of a project. They love getting down and dirty with the data and think process is the best thing to have happened to the world. Often times though, these meticulous data-lovers will get hung up on the details and want perfection. Some great advice here is to remember not to let perfection get in the way of doing a good job.

The Trees: These people really see the present. They are great at getting tasks done quickly and efficiently. This “get it done” attitude will do wonders when you’ve got a huge project due and minimum hours to do it in. However, they might not see the long term and how what they are doing will affect the holistic picture.

The Forest: People who see the forest, or the BIG PICTURE, are great for the longevity of your company. These people will help you set things in motion for a much more successful fiscal year. You need these people in your corner to innovate and push boundaries. It’s important to recognize that these ‘big thinkers’ are usually just that- thinkers. When it comes time to execute, you’ll need some of the other two thinkers to help actualize these strategies.

So, as you can see, you need all three of these types of people to have a profitable and successful business. You’ll also need a few people who can do all three- but those are harder to find. If you do find one of those, I’d take good care of them!

No matter what your mindset from above you fall under, you’ll always need to recharge yourself to stay inspired and productive. Let’s go through three ways to do just that from

  1. “Make time to make new friends.” Always find balance in your life. Find other professionals in your industry to talk to regularly. It will keep you on your toes and you can challenge each other with new ideas. Trust me when I say this will inspire you to stay on top of the trends. 
  2. “Bring in outside eyes.” Sometimes you’ve just gotta get out of your own head. Letting others with an outside perspective take over a project will help you focus on other things and keep you ready and excited. 
  3. “Schedule unscheduled time for yourself.” As cliche as work/life balance is, it’s so important. No one wants to schedule time to think through strategy. If you set aside some time to walk outside or reflect on what’s going on, the strategies will flow through you.

I encourage you to take a step or two to recommit to your mental health. Inspire yourself to find excitement in the work you do and you will see results follow.