Living in the digital age means capitalizing on new trends and targeting tactics that come around. You may have heard about retargeting… probably by now you’ve used this tactic once or twice. I hope you all can detect the not so subtle sarcasm here. I’m sure you are all extremely well aware of retargeting and it’s benefits.

And if you’re not, well, now’s the time to learn.

What is retargeting? It is a tactic used in digital media to reconnect with individuals who have already been to your brand’s website.

We tend to think of social media and other digital advertising tactics and top funnel strategies and we focus on prospecting new users to the site. Well, what is any of that worth if the majority of them make it to the site and never come back? They’ve showed interest, so it is our job to create valuable touchpoints for them to come back.

If they made it to your site, they’ve clearly shown some interest or saw some value in the content you provided, but was it enough? Probably not… at least not yet.

Rebrandly wrote 4 great points on why people might not convert the first time coming to your site:

  • They could have been busy.
  • They read a post but didn’t have a reason to drop down an email address.
  • They were warming up to you.
  • They were just reading a piece of content and didn’t look into your business at all.

So, what are you supposed to do about that? Create highly targeted remarketing campaigns, that’s what!

You can create much more relevant user experience by utilizing pixels and retargeting strategies. You can serve ads to people who have been to very specific landing pages and provide them with content EXTREMELY relevant to those pages. No more guesswork and hoping for a relevant target market. You will be helping people get exactly what they want by leveraging something so simple and easy.

It’s not hard to give the people what they want- it just takes one small piece of code and a little bit of content creation. And you might not even need to do that part! Maybe someone made it to the product page of your website. You can serve ads with relevant case studies to these people. This way they can see what others in their industry have said about your brand. The peer validation can be exactly what they needed to move down the funnel and convert.

Or let’s say people consistently make it to your checkout page, but aren’t completing their purchase? You can show them what it is they were looking at with targeted copy or discounts. You are creating more valuable incentives for people that you wouldn’t be able to do without retargeting.

See? No matter what you’re looking to do, retargeting is right for you! It will ultimately help increase your sales exponentially and also help build up your reputation as a highly relevant thought leader in your space.