We all know that having a good product is not enough to keep customers happy. No, we need to go above and beyond to do that. You have to craft wonderful, seamless experiences at every step of the way.

As we move further in to 2018, we can see that connection matters. Being collaborative and engaging with your target market is important in an age where there’s so much advertising noise.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about some ways Entrepreneur.com details we can creatively delight our customers.

  1. “Keep yourself at the top of their radar.” Okay, seems pretty obvious right? If you aren’t right in front of your customers, they will move on to a brand that is. Make sure that you are staying relevant and finding ways to stay top of mind in a fun and engaging way. And no, that doesn’t mean inundating them with ads they don’t care about. It means delivering purposeful content that your readers with love and find useful.
  2. “Rewards them for their loyalty.” When customers are loyal, what do you do? Do you give them a virtual high five or do you actually reward them with something useful? If they refer your brand to a friend, make sure to offer them something in return. Maybe that’s a gift card or maybe that’s a free product, either way, make sure your existing customers want to spread the word.
  3. “Let them choose how you connect and customize with them.” Everyone wants a personalized experience. Since it tends to take more than one touch point for a person to purchase after seeing an ad, it can become kind of impersonal along the way. It’s your job to make as customized experience as possible. What kind of line of communication do they actually want to partake in? Some like email, some prefer text, and a few even like phone calls. Either way, make sure you’re giving each person the experience they want and they will remember and appreciate your brand.
  4. “Include them in your marketing.” Sure, maybe they have already purchased, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want updates or cool new stuff too. You can create marketing strategies around your existing customers while still crafting the messaging to their needs. They want to feel like you still care about them even after they gave you their money. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers bring in more happy and loyal customers.