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As you all know, we are firm believers in setting goals for ourselves. It helps productivity and efficiency for both the short term and the long term. What better way to kick off a new year than to set some goals? That’s right, Marketers, let’s dive into some New Year resolutions!

Now, setting resolutions for the year is a very personal activity and you should really dig deep to figure out what is best for you and your business. However, we came across an incredible article with 7 goals we feel will help a of people this year.

Conor Neill, a Forbes contributor, writes “Seven New Year Resolutions To Help You Be Happier And More Productive In 2019” and we’d love to share those with you now with a few additional thoughts.

  • “Be intentional about each day” It is not always an easy thing to be intentional. Some days you just wake up not feeling it and it can be hard to power through. However, when you focus in on what that specific day is about, you are much more likely to achieve your goals- albeit short term. When you wake up each day– or when you start your work day– think about what you hope to accomplish. What is today about?
  • “Email reduction” As we’re betting most of you struggle with endless emails and calls, you probably understand the need for a bit of noise reduction. When you are constantly bombarded with so-called “urgent”  questions and tasks, it becomes impossible to be truly productive. By turning off notifications and going dark for hour increments, you can focus on the work that actually needs to get done with much more ease.
  • “Start a stop doing list” We love lists. You know this by now, of course. So why not write a list of what you shouldn’t do. It might seem counter productive at first, but think about it this way: when you struggle to set boundaries with certain situations, it will be easier to look at a ‘stop doing’ list side by side to your ‘start doing’ list. Sometimes, the first step in starting a new chapter in your life is recognizing the weight that’s holding you back. Once you zero in on that, you can release it and move forward.
  • “Network by serving others” Relationships are everything. The people you know are the ones who will be by your side working towards a more successful tomorrow. When you focus on others more than yourself, you help build them up and show them you actually care. Take a step outside of yourself and learn to help others before yourself. It will go a long way when it comes to building up your relationships and networking circles.
  • “Ask more questions” You should never assume you have all the answers. You will learn so much more by asking questions of those around you. Let them tell you something you might not know yet. If you desire to be the smartest person in the room at all times (and have to prove it), you might want to check your ego. Asking questions does not make you appear dumb or inferior– if anything, it makes you seem interested and engaged. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the missing piece to the puzzle you’ve been trying to solve. It’s all about collaboration, afterall.
  • “Have Yes, No, and ‘Too difficult’ boxes” Don’t be a yes person. It is unhealthy to say yes to everything because you’ll never be able to accomplish it all with the same level of dedication. On the other hand, having only two options in front of you can feel even more limiting. When approached with a project, consider tacking on a third option outside of the simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Maybe it’s ‘Ask again in a few days when I’ve finished my priority’ or ‘Take it to a certain point and then ask me.’ You get the picture.
  • “Save some money (and have it work for you)” Saving money is so important– particularly if you hope to retire before you’re 67 years old. It can be hard to make those types of decisions, but holding yourself accountable for your savings can be life altering. Remember to always put away a small percentage of each paycheck. You won’t even miss the money and in a few years, you’ll have quite the nice savings cushion.

So, what do you think? We loved Neill’s resolutions, but of course, they’re his! Use these as a starting point for you and build on it. What is best for you this year? Let us know your intentions for 2019!