V7.7: From Manager to Leader: Tricks of the Trade

Magnetic MOnkey Marketing blog LeadershipIn a previous blog series, we talked about how you can step up and be the leader your team deserves. In today’s blog, we want to take the time to talk about how you can go from be simply manager to a true leader.

First, let’s talk about the difference between a manager and a Leader. A manager is great at executing and following all the right steps and processes. They efficiently delegate work and manage timelines while still meeting deadlines. You can count on them to get everything done, but a leader will take things to a whole new level.

Now, let’s go into the four tricks to move past ‘manager’ and into to ‘leader’ status.

  1. “Leaders Leave Their Egos at the Door” Leaders don’t shy away from work just because they have a higher job title. If you have to make the coffee or stay at the office after everyone else has left, that’s just part of the gig. This shows your team that you’re willing to put in the leg work and they will be do the same. It’s up to you to recognize the great qualities in each person on your team. Help guide them to projects that will make them succeed, even if that means taking some work of their plates. They will appreciate that you make them feel valued and heard.
  2. “Leaders Know How to Listen” A good leader listens to their team. Just because someone has less experience, doesn’t mean they don’t have valuable insights to give. Give your team the space to share and innovate and they will do so.
  3. “Leaders Have Emotional Fitness” Life and work can be very frustrating. It’s a constant roller coaster filled with ups and downs and a leader must be flexible in his or her emotions. A manager would let the stress of rocky situations show and infect the team. A leader harnesses their inner zen and keeps calm in the face of change or upsets. You will empower them to embrace the situation and move forward productively.
  4. “Leaders Live Outside Their Comfort Zone” Think of your comfort zone as an enemy- one that will keep you from achieving the next level of success. Living outside of your comfort zone will help you find new perspectives and new ways to create. It can be scary and daunting, but also fulfilling when you succeed. By doing this, you are setting an example for your team to do the same.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to move away from simply being a manager and stepping up to be a true leader? We think you are!