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As you all know by now, we believe in the power of social media. And if you’ve used some the social strategies we’ve suggested in this blog, you probably do too by now!

Social is a great place to reach your target audience where they spend a lot of time, but most importantly, it’s about connecting with them on their terms. A way to do that is to have amazing and effective copy.

Social Media Today writes four “effective social media copywriting strategies” we’d like to share with you today.

  • “Encourage Your Audience to Join the Conversation” Like we said, the connection that comes with social is probably the most important thing to think of here. People use social media to connect with their friends, family, and, yes, even brands. Use your copy as a place to initiate or partake in the relevant conversation. Think about how you can bake that into the precious characters you have on a post. Maybe something like, “Tell us your thoughts on…” or “What would you do if…?” You get the picture. How can you engage with your audience? How can you show them you actually care about their opinions?
  • “Elevate Images with Emotional Copy” More and more of what we do is visual. Images and video content typically entice the individual much sooner than the copy. But, with that in mind, how can we elevate those images/videos with quick and actionable copy? We have to be concise in order to maintain user attention, so we should focus on creating an emotional response.
  • “Leverage the Desire to Learn” People like learning. Most likely, you are using social media to prove yourself to be a relevant thought leader in your space. So, how can you write copy for platforms like LinkedIn to do just that? You can speak out on industry news or pose new ideas people can get into. Maybe you’re sharing quotes of other leaders in your space. That will help you stand out in the platform and feed that innate desire to learn more.
  • “Write Copy that Leverages FOMO” We all know a fear of missing out can quickly motivate people. If you make your copy time sensitive, you can entice your reader to act fast for fear of losing a great opportunity. “Don’t miss out on…” or “Just one more week before [blank] sells out!” are both great examples on capitalizing on FOMO. Excite your readers enough through value-driven copy, but urge them to act through a sense of urgency.

Ultimately, “great copy cuts through the background noise,” as author, Tabatha Jean Naylor, puts it so eloquently. There is A LOT of content out there, particularly on social media, so it is our job to stand out. Do what you can to be different and to stop someone in their scrolling for just a quick moment.