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Every now and then we all need some inspiration, right? I know I could use some today and writing this blog is providing me with some much needed inspo!

As leaders, it is our responsibility to inspire and motivate our teams to do the best they possibly can. We have to set the bar high for our people to reach those heights. As cliche as it sounds, there is no “I” in team. Meaning, we cannot simply sit back and work on ourselves or do our own work; we must encourage and inspire our employees to grow.

Jonathan Long writes a detailed list of “25 ways to lead, inspire and motivate” for Entrepreneur that we’d like to share today.

  1. “Find out what they need”
  2. “Be respectful”
  3. “Stop micromanaging”
  4. “Lead by example”
  5. “Be personable”
  6. “Stress your company’s purpose”
  7. “Follow through on promises”
  8. “Be decisive”
  9. “Show emotion”
  10. “Help employees reach their potential”
  11. “Admit when you don’t have the answer”
  12. “Don’t lead with fear”
  13. “Develop future leaders from within”
  14. “Encourage personal growth”
  15. “Help people learn from their mistakes”
  16. “Hold your team accountable”
  17. “Be curious”
  18. “Always be learning”
  19. “Be flexible”
  20. “Understand your purpose”
  21. “Get your employees involved”
  22. “Get to know your team”
  23. ‘“Be transparent”
  24. “Hold brainstorming sessions”
  25. “Be accessible”

While all these statements are so important and seem simple enough, being a great leader is still a lot of hard work. While Jonathan Long hit the nail on the head with these 25 points, he did miss one key piece of being the best leader possible. Vulnerability.

What a concept. Being vulnerable allows us to be open and honest with our team. And honestly, that’s how they learn. As leaders, we are fallible, but doing our very best– putting hard work, time, and effort into something– shows our employees how to do the same thing. It shows them how to fail forward with confidence and with a humbleness needed to keep learning in the face of failure.

People learn by watching a good example. So, with that in mind, are you ready to be a good example for your team?