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Happy Monday, Marketers! Are you ready for some post-holiday motivation? We sure are!

We came across this AMAZING infographic from Social Media Today on generating more blog traffic with 9 helpful tips that we had to share with you today. It inspired us so much, we just had to give you all the gist.

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

  1. “It all starts with your content” Make your blog extremely helpful and relevant. Word count means nothing if the content isn’t useful to your target market. Use storytelling and emotional connection to stand out from the crowd. If your blog is just like everyone else’s, then it won’t do what you need. If you stay on/ahead of trends, you can amass clicks by writing content that is at the top of peoples’ minds. 
  2. “Make sure it’s optimized for search” This one should be obvious. If your content is optimized and searchable, you’ll have a better ranking on Google. Do your keyword research prior to publishing. That way you can adjust if needed to make the blog more crawlable. 
  3. “Utilize visual content” Images matter! When pairing quality images with your content, your message with be that much more impactful. Using imagery will help people click through to your site more efficiently through from social sites too. 
  4. “Build relationships with people” We all know that content is king. But content doesn’t matter if your people don’t care. Remember to build a genuine relationship with your readers/site viewers. Connect with them on social. Retweet or respond when they mention your brand. You get the picture. 
  5. “Know your target audience” This one is quite obvious, right? We talk about it practically every other week. Knowing your target audience- their wants, needs, problems, etc.- is the way to write more relevant content they will actually engage with. 
  6. “Get personal by email” You have CTA buttons for a reason! You’re collecting leads so you can nurture them. Use email to deliver them highly personalized, relevant content based on their interests. 
  7. “Perform targeted distribution” Send your content out to people who have already engaged with it. You can even send it to relevant influencers in your industry! Organic reach might not be the best way to reach a large audience, but it is great for high quality engagement. 
  8. “Maximize the potential of social media” You all know how much we love social media! Social is a great way to reach your target audience where they spend a lot of time. Use a few tips to maximize your social engagement: 1) post during peak social times; 2) use vibrant, eye-catching imagery; and 3) repurpose existing content in new ways. 
  9. “Make it happen” You can only take action one step at a time. It might seem daunting to build a higher volume of traffic but keep at it! It won’t happen overnight, but you can make huge strides just one test at a time.

Now go forth and take that first step!