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Who’s ready for some Monday motivation? We sure are! Creativity is the lifeblood of everything we do and there is true magic there.

This creative magic, however, isn’t always easy to come by– so we need to inspire it ourselves. How can we do that, you ask? With the following three tips from, of course!

  • “To spark creativity, get moving.” It is not healthy to sit at a desk and stare at a computer screen all day. You have to get up and move around if you hope to inspire creativity. Taking a break can actually be very productive! Whether it’s just a walk about the office or stepping outside, it will be good to clear your mind. Then you can sit down and re-invigorate your creativity.
  • “Seek out new experiences.” There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the status quo. That is the true killer of creativity. If you need to inspire yourself, think outside of your typical routine. Seek a new challenge or hobby. It might allow for you to see things from a new perspective. You never know where inspiration can come from. Maybe underwater basket weaving is for you or maybe it’s pirate cosplay. To each their own– as long as you get out of the house and try something new!
  • “When it’s time to work, mitigate distractions.” We all know that state of mind when you’re finally in your flow and getting work done. The best way to strike creativity and sustain it, is to find your workflow and mitigate any distractions. Try to turn off non-urgent notifications or put your devices on silent. That doesn’t always work. How many times have you sat down to get some real work done and every 10 minutes someone needs your help? If you block out time on your calendar and find a quiet, isolated space, you can find your flow to get the project done.

So, how about that? A quick and easy guide to sparking your own creativity. Now, go forth and find your own inspirational magic each day! See you next week, Marketers!