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Are you worried about burnout? Don’t worry, it’s natural to worry. Burnout is quite a real problem, particularly in today’s day and age where most everyone works extraordinarily hard just to stay above water.

Understanding that the capacity to over work ourselves is always just around the corner is an important first step in preventing inevitable burnout.

Entrepreneur contributor, Imran Tariq, writes about “4 science-backed ways to prevent burnout” that we feel we much share.

  • “Take a break before you feel burnout symptoms.” Working more hours does not mean you are more productive. If anything, working more can lead to decreased productivity and less quality product. Allow yourself to take breaks every so often. Maybe you take a stroll around the office or actually walk outside. Or maybe you go grab a coffee or ice cream. The time away from your screen will give you a new and fresh perspective.
  • “Find meaning in your work.” We need to find passion and excitement in our work or every hour will drag on. Finding true meaning in your work will help you feel motivated each day. We know it’s a cliche, but when you are excited by what you do, it will never feel like work– and you won’t burn out.
  • “Spur creativity by continually learning.” The moment you think you’ve learned it all is the moment you’ll get bored and lose interest. Try to invest in learning each day to keep your interest and grow your skill set. If you take on new skills, you inspire creativity. You inspire creativity and you’ll find new ways to enjoy your work. Also, as you continue learning outside of the workplace, you will be better equipped to handle stress and anxiety.
  • “Prioritize your relationships.” Work life balance is so important. Your relationships- friends, family, romantic partners- help you manage stress. Having people to share your day with, to talk through your problems with, will allow you to decompress. Prioritizing your relationships helps you keep your long term sanity- at least that works for me!

So, what do you think? These tips are great and are only 4 of many ways to prevent burnout. Ultimately, you have to do what feels right to YOU! What are some tricks you’ve used to stay inspired? Send us your favorites and we can write part 2 of this blog!