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As business leaders, we are constantly at war with two opposing ideas: the drive to serve and the drive to grow. Now, what do each of these things mean? Because they are both important and different stages of your business development.

The drive to serve is about creating a product or service people will love.

The drive to grow is about seeing results come through and growing your company.

Contently wrote a great article explaining the two sides of this coin that we’d love to dive in with you all now.

Of course, each side has arguments for the other. Trying to create a great product people will genuinely love will get results in the long term, right? That’s the goal, right? To create something people genuinely need and the by product is their business. However, ‘the drive to grow’ people might question the consistency of results. You can’t sit around and hope things will work out. You have to try and proactively generate positive results.

Well, proactively generating results only goes so far. You have to take the time to understand your market and find the best way to reach them and communicate with them. The better you serve your market, the more quality your results will be.

Why do you think people tend to fall into one camp over another? Is there something that divides the idea of serving your market well and the idea of growing your business? Why do they become mutually exclusive schools of thought?

Often times, the short-term goals win out and we forego the research it takes to truly understand our target market and their needs. We tend to handcuff ourselves to certain ‘metrics of success’ that don’t actually garner true value. If we took the time to understand and cater to our audiences, we would be simultaneously growing our company and serving the greater needs of people.

It’s about being solution-oriented, folks! So, let’s get out there and give the people what they want, am-I-rite?