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We’ve discussed the importance of engaging employees and how helping them reach their full potential ultimately helps your company. We have talked a little bit about what makes a safe space for your team, but we want to take this time to really delve into what causes decreased moral among employees. Keeping up this morale is one of the most important things you can do for you company; it is also one of the hardest to manage, especially in these exceptional times of shelter in place and work from home.

It is very easy to speak in negative terms—we could lecture and harp about what makes employees feel less than fully engaged—but the important thing here is to work on change. That’s why we want to use positive terms and talk about what you can do to increase morale.

Managers Should Treat Employees with Respect: This should be a given. Poor management is often the cause of low morale. People want to be treated with respect and trust. When they are, their work is always better for it. Try using collaboration tools like slack or teams to give shout outs or praise.

Maintain the Goalpost: When you plan out a certain goal, you should stick to it. It is not fair to an employee to constantly change what the end goals are (especially before the first goal can be achieved). It makes the previous work seem obsolete and therefore a waste of your team’s time. Make sure to really think out your goals before you set them to avoid this occurring.

Have Clear Expectations: People like to know what they are working towards. Be very up front and clear when it comes to expressing what is expected from your employees. They will appreciate it! Give frequent feedback so that they know exactly where they stand and what is sought from them.

Constant Communication: We’ve said many times before that communication is key. When employees feel in the dark or like they are not being heard, their work suffers. Constant communication goes hand in hand with having those clear expectations and maintaining the goalpost. You have to stay in contact with your team if you want them to be fully engaged. This ultimately helps them feel respected which will definitely boost morale.

Recognition for Hard Work Can Go a Long Way: People want to feel recognized for the hard work and dedication they put forth. Everyone desires their work to be noticed and respected. It boosts your confidence and validates all the effort your put into your work. It also gives them a sense of pride in the work that they do.

Have a Clear Employee Development Plan: Generally speaking, employees like to know what it takes to climb the promotional ladder. They want to know what will get them to a higher position how long it will take. This makes them feel like their long-term goals are possible and manageable. We came across a great article from The Social Workplace that summed it up perfectly. “When there is no development plan, there’s a high risk that employees will feel dissatisfied and unable to work to their full potential in the role they’re in. They’re likely to start looking for another organization to get new opportunities. Employees need to see a clear line of how they will progress their career and achieve their goals.”

These are just some of many ways to increase employee morale. This goes hand in hand with making sure the team is engaged to their fullest potential. It is vital to keep your employees happy if you want their productivity to soar. Happy employees lead to happy customers and we all know that leads to a successful overall business.