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This tech generation we live in is pretty much fueled solely on caffeinated beverages and mobile devices. We’ve talked before about how people like finding answers immediately and phones and tablets allow them to do that just about everywhere– wifi or no wifi. As marketers we need to make sure we are following what the people want.

We have to learn to adapt our marketing strategies for the mobile era. The tribe has spoken and they decided that phones and tablets are the new ‘it’ thing. Seriously, it has become some sort of phone phenomenon– the Mobile Revolution! Our society has come to use these mobile devices as their main source of distraction. No one likes an awkward moment… and every silent moment seems awkward. Everyone wants to be entertained 100% of the time.

So how do we use this to our advantage? We learn how to market to the mobile generation, that’s how! Because no one wants a dull moment, we have to update our content to keep the people entertained, especially during those boring and quiet moments. Michael Becker with Business 2 Community writes the three things that will start to separate the successful brands from the boring ones:

  1. “The promise of an emotional, authentic experience”
  2. “Providing a simple, clear solution to everyday problems”
  3. “Brands that integrate both of these ideas with a mobile strategy will dominate”

Now that we are all up to speed on the importance of the mobile generation, we can focus on how to integrate that into our marketing strategies. Here are a few ways in which we can do just that!

           ~A Responsive Design: We cannot stress enough how important this is. Having a website that works across all the different types of tech. is absolutely vital. Because everyone seems to be on their phones anyway, it is necessary to have a website that looks just as amazing and works just as well on a phone or a tablet as it does on a computer. A lot of the time, your potential viewers will be on their phones anyway. Make sure that they can acquire the information they sought after on their phones or they’re going to find a site that will.

            ~Interactive Social Media: We know that social media is a key part of our inbound marketing strategies. Most often, our readers are checking their Twitter and Facebook feeds from their phones. Make sure to interact with your followers! It is the mobile age after all.

            ~Interesting and Engaging Content: As we stated before, people want to be entertained 100% of the time, so it is up to you to provide that source of entertainment! Provide content that will fully engage your readers. They will see that you have a wealth of knowledge in the topics they WANT to read about. But of course, remember that this content will most likely be read from a phone or a tablet– so make sure that it is fun and easy to read on a small screen!           

Obviously, the point of marketing is to convert potential leads into satisfied customers. Reaching them where they seek information is a major part of that. Provide them with great content on the platforms they actually use and see the positive results!