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Don’t let your content ruin your chances of conversions. We’ve said it once; we’ll say it again and again. Content rules the world. Sometimes certain topics can get a bit dry and it’s your job to make it the most interesting it can be. You have to create compelling and relevant content if you hope to thrive in today’s media heavy society.

As marketers, especially ones who love social media, we see a lot of content every day. And you know what? B2B content often falls short. It’s not awful all the time, of course some of it can be quite good, but it could definitely stand for an upgrade in certain areas.

Follow these simple tidbits of advice from emedia in order to give your content a boost.

  • “Stop selling” Being too “salesy” can actually be a detriment to your content. We’ve definitely talked about this before– AND, you’ve probably heard this a million and one other times as well. But, even with that tip so pervasive in our world, people still choose to ignore it. Of course it seems like talking about your how amazing your product is would be helpful, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Think about it this way: you meet someone who always talks about how amazing they are– all the great things they’ve done and so forth. Would you want to hang out with that person? Would you want to spend longer than 5 minutes with that person? Probably not. Use your content as a platform to provide relevant information, not spam readers with your product. When you write without that overly sales-oriented mentality, you write with more authenticity.
  • “Write with feeling” Speaking of authenticity… writing should come from your passion. When you write with feeling, with your whole self, you create content people actually care about. The last thing the internet needs is some more insincere drivel. Be different; think outside the norm and dare to inspire.
  • “If you write about pop culture, write what you love” We get it, pretty much everyone loves a good pop culture inspired content piece. Whether you incorporate Kim K or Star Trek, pop culture draws readers in. Just remember to write about what you love and what inspires you. Don’t just utilize whatever current trend is out there. Write with heart and feeling about things you are truly passionate about, don’t write for the clicks. If you did your job right and wrote about something you care about, the clicks will follow.

These are just a few simple tricks to improve your content. By no means are we the foremost experts on writing ‘the best content ever,’ but we certainly have a solid idea of what works and what doesn’t. Trust us, we’ve seen a great deal of success and failure in the content department. Take it from us, passion and heart shine through in your writing… and that’s what works in the long run.