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If asked whether you want more traffic for your blog, the answer will be an obvious and resounding HELL YES. Unfortunately, gaining for traffic is not as easy as wishing it so. Of course, we would love to have three magical wishes from an all powerful genie, but life is not a Disney movie. So what are the tips and tricks for growth hacking? We’re here to tell you!

A lot of people, especially new bloggers, feel disheartened by the lack of initial traffic to their site. It takes time to amass a following of loyal readers, which can be a daunting task. The worst thing you can do is quit — seriously, you have to soldier on.

So, let’s figure out exactly what growth hacking is and how we can utilize it to boost our traffic. We’ve talked about this before in a previous blog, but we believe it’s time to revisit. Problogger defines growth hacking as “a method of achieving incredible growth by using non-traditional strategies.” Basically, you want to drive measurable results using techniques that actually work for you!

Let’s dive into what sort of things can help increase your traffic, shall we?

  1. Rethink Your Content Strategy~ You would think that creating more content would boost your traffic, but that is actually not the case. You don’t want to create more content if what you’re writing has no substance. Your blogs should be engaging, entertaining, and informative. Write what works! If what you are putting out is not working, don’t write more of the same! Reenvision your content entirely. BackLinko came up with the Skyscrapper technique, of which we definitely approve. It is a three step process: 1) Find link-worthy content; 2) Make it even better than the competition; and 3) Reach out to the right people to get more buzz.
  2. Content Upgrades Increase Your Email List~ We know that emal lists are actually extraordinarily important to your company, especially your blog. Think of your blog as the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and its food source is your email subscribers. This quick quote sums up everything we could want to say on the subject, “Having an email list will not only increase your blog traffic but it will also boost your sales and trust with the readers.” You go Problogger… we see you. Content upgrades helps build up and increase your subscribes rapidly. This is basically a glorified call to action… and we all know what that one is, right? It’s like an added bonus power up at the end of your blog (relevant to the topic, of course). These are extremely specific and thus convert really well.
  3. Promote the Hell Out of Your Content~ It seems strange or even silly, but you might want to consider spending more time promoting your content than actually creating it. The goal is to get your content out to the right audience, not to have a ton of blogs sitting unread and lonely. Send the time promoting and getting the word out about your blog. BE PROACTIVE! Don’t wait around for someone to stumble upon it… blast the social media and email platforms. Post about it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and all the other relevant social media sites. Trust us, this works.

Of course, this is not going to happen all over night. It takes time… not a lot of it, but definitely some. You can’t just post once on Twitter or send out an email or two and expect that to work. You have to be consistent and diligent. So, what are you still doing on here for? Go and put this new knowledge to test.