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Let’s talk about something we haven’t discussed in a while, shall we? Yes, social media is great and definitely performs very well, but email marketing is still a tried and true method. It delivers your message to a highly targeted audience while still remaining cost efficient.

Kristen Gramigna wrote 4 tips on conversions from email marketing that we felt you all deserved to know!

  1. “Include descriptive tags with your images.” Think about it this way: most of us check email on our phones these days, right? So if we see an email with blocked images, what’s our likely response? You guessed it! DELETE. Straight to the trash bin. The more often that happens, the less reputable you will seem. Gramigna mentions that using descriptive ATL tags can help increase your conversions. She says, “Review the ALT tags for images on your site and in your email campaigns for relevancy, using descriptive words that will make the customer want to take action.” 
  2. “Don’t send messages that aren’t targeted.” Even if you don’t know much about your prospects originally, you should still be tailoring your messages. You’ll learn more and more each time you send a message. Always make sure to track open and click through rates. It is vital to remember this step! You can tailor when you send your messages and figure out what kind of content people are responding to. You’ll want to personalize your email marketing strategies based on the data you gather. This is what your target market responds to, so you should give them what they want. 
  3. “Don’t ask for too much.” This is an important tip to remember. When you overload your content with too much, your reader gets lost along the way. You should segment your topics in order to hit the right people with the right message. Remember to include a seamless checkout experience. You want to give your target marketing the ultimate experience with little to no hiccups or confusion. Make it a clear, streamlined process. 
  4. “Use emails to form a lasting relationship.” Your emails should build upon one another to create a relationship with your reader//potential customer. It should demonstrate what you know about them and what it is they want. If they already downloaded a white paper on content development for example, you can email them something relevant. You already know they have a tendency to download white papers and you know what kind of information they like to read about.

Email marketing is a strong strategy to implement in your repertoire. You probably already have it, but tips and tricks on improving are always helpful.