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These times of being sheltered in place has made it very difficult to actually focus on work instead of zoning out and thinking about what to watch on Netflix later; #AmIRight? With the whole 9-5 routine, we spend a lot of time ‘fake working.’ Can’t help trying to pass the time… But that doesn’t usually yield great results. We are firm believers in working hard to achieve a goal, without all the unnecessary fluff.

Let’s focus on actual profitable work, shall we? Alexander Maasik writes for Entrepreneur on this very subject. Here are five ways to avoid that fake work we talked about:

  • Align Your Tasks: You should fit your tasks into a goal-oriented strategy. Remember your quarterly and yearly goals and focus on objectives and results. We’ve talked about long term goals and short term ones. Create your long term company goals and then have sub short term goals to cater to the overarching one.
  • Prioritize: Okay, now that you have your goals all aligned and whatnot, it is time to prioritize, deciding what is important and what can be put off for a bit. When you spend more time and effort on what’s actually going to give you the necessary results.
  • Ask and Give Feedback: We recognize the importance of team engagement. Ideas are meant to be shared and built upon, not kept locked up in individual isolation. Communicate with your co-works and bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Divide Your Days into Blocks of Meaningful Work: It can be very helpful to divide your day into chunks of work. During those work periods, ignore your emails and messages. Obviously, you can’t get rid of all distractions, but you definitely can minimize them for yourself.
  • Take Breaks:  Okay, this might seem a tad counter productive, but studies actually show that the most productive workers focus for at least 52 minutes and then follow with a short break. Rest periods are vital for engaging in products. It will keep your mind refreshed and focused.

Productivity is within your reach! Just remember to pace yourself and work towards your goal.