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Delighting customers is one thing every single business, no matter what product or service they offer, has in common with each other. Creating happy customers is absolutely essential in any business.  Happy customers are one of your best marketing tools because they become loyal and passionate advocates for your company. Let them tell others about how great you are. Let them be a positive spokesperson.

Here is a guide to delighting your customers in four easy steps:

  1. Start With Your Employees! This is the first step in cultivating delighted customers. When your employees are happy, there is a chain reaction ultimately leading to happy customers. It is a chain reaction. Make sure to hire the right people from the start and then follow that with an amazing education program. Empower employees to always solve for the client. It is everyone’s job to know how to delight the customer.
  2. Be A Solutionist! Help your customers solve their problems. It is as simple as that. Make it all about the client— what do they need and want? Listen to them and they will tell you exactly that. Ask them open-ended questions such as why, how, what, where, when and who. Assist them and then provide recommendations for future issues.
  3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize! This is so important to delighting customers. People trust people. Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to solve their problems. People react to other people and not automated robot voices. Be a genuine and understanding influence. Be proactive on social media by responding to tweets and emails in a personal manor. Pay attention to cues from your clients. How are they talking to you? How is their attitude? Use this as a guide to know how to respond to them. Personalize their experience by sending them the right information at the right time. Remember to fulfill your promises in a timely manor. People remember how you made them feel, not what you said to them. Make them feel important and cared for!
  4. Track Those Patterns! Measuring and tracking is everything. Remember to solve for the customer, not for their number. Just let it happen naturally. Be sure to use the net promoter score to learn how likely it is that a client would promote your company to a friend. [NPS= % of promoters – % of detractors] Keep track of customer activity! You may also use a simple survey. Ask your customers what they liked and didn’t like about your interactions with them.

Of course, all of these steps are nothing without a great product. Your customers have to want what you’re selling in the first place. Let your product and customer delight lead to a remarkable experience that will create lasting relationships. Trust is built over time because of each and every small interaction and trust is key in generating positive advocates of your company. If you need it, Hubspot has a wonderful program to educate on the importance of delighting your customers.