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Last week we discussed the definition of marketing success in 2021 and how to achieve that. And now we should talk about how to prioritize in order to make time for the critical projects. We are also big proponents of working with integrity and consciousness. Combining these can go a long way in discovering our own purpose and drive.

We came across an incredibly important list recently that we wanted to share. Lolly Daskal wrote for on “The 10 Most Important Things to Prioritize If You Want to Be Successful.”

  1. “Care about how you treat others” You never know how someone can help you down the line. Our philosophy is to treat others the way they deserve to be treated–with the same respect and appreciation you would want for yourself.
  2. “Care about your personal growth” Always try to better yourself. Invest your time and effort into working on achieving your goals.
  3. “Care about your goals” Repeat after me: Vision without execution is just hallucination. Don’t just sit around and expect what you want to magically appear! You have to work at it.
  4. “Care about scaring yourself” Don’t wake up one day and regret all of your decisions. If you aren’t leaving your comfort zone every once and awhile, what is the point?
  5. “Care about how you spend your time” Time is precious. Don’t waste yours.
  6. “Care about your thoughts” A positive attitude is the best attitude. Be mindful of what you put your energy and thoughts towards.
  7. “Care about doing your best” Always strive to do the best you can do. That doesn’t mean to be THE best; but just to do the everything in your power to reach a personal best.
  8. “Care about those who have helped you along the way” This is similar to caring about how you treat others. Remember your mentors and those who have helped you on your journey. A little appreciation can go a long way.
  9. “Care about your own happiness” Success will never equate to happiness; but happiness will help you on your road to success.
  10. “Care about where you are” Caring about the moment and place you are in will help open up a wide range of opportunities for yourself.

The importance of this is to remember that we should always work on ourselves– and that stems from learning how to humble ourselves first.