V7.6: Creativity Sparks Magic

Magnetic Monkey Marketing blog creativityHave you ever felt so inspired that the work you created almost felt like magic? Creative thinking is actually a marvelous and truly genius way of approaching work.

So, how can we find ways to be more creative in our everyday lives? Let’s dive into a few of the ways listed on Inc.com that we find particularly poignant.

  1. The first step is to “ask the right questions”. Sometimes the wrong question will hold us back from our own creativity. A good exercise to help with this situation is to challenge yourself to write out 5-10 versions of the same question. One of your questions will be better than the original and it will be much easier to execute on the right starting point. Consider various perspectives and force yourself to think outside of your normal range. When you do this, you will be able to innovate without assumptions weighing you down.
  2. Next you need to “become the expert.” Now, how you do that is entirely dependent on your approach to learning. Whether it is reading blogs on the subject or watching Ted Talks to get inspired, you find ways to obtain the relevant information to get you started. Creativity doesn’t come from nowhere. It is usually founded on a source of knowledge, so make sure you’re all caught up!
  3. Our personal favorite from the list is to “be open and aware.” Creative inspiration could strike at any moment, so it’s important to be open to new ideas. If you close yourself off, you won’t be be able to let creativity in. Practice being mindful and observing the situations around you. Don’t be frustrated by accidents should they arise. Sometimes those happy accidents can develop into your finest work!
  4. Most importantly you must “make something out of your great ideas.” Your creativity will mean nothing if you don’t actually put ideas into action. Do whatever it takes to build out your ideas. You could create a collage or draw up some storyboards, whatever works for the process to come out. Give shape and substance to your ideas and allow them to become something worthwhile.

A little creativity can go a long way if you’ll let it! Find things that inspire you! For us, that’s reading books or watching really interesting Ted Talks. You can find inspiration all around you! It’s just a matter of being open to it and being ready to act when it comes.