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Let’s face it, jobs can be extraordinary mentally draining, especially with the massive amount of change that we are all faced with the recent pandemic. Sitting in front of a computer all day can really tear at your mental capacity and especially while working from home. wrote a great article on ways to maintain concentration that we’d love to share now.

  • “Eat little and often” Having healthy snacks throughout the day can help boost your concentration in bursts. It’s the quick energy boost that helps keep you going throughout the day. Just make sure you’re snacking right and not eating sugar all day. That will make you crash even faster!
  • “Take mini breaks” Give yourself some time to decompress throughout the day. A 5 minute break after a long stint of work will help clear your mind and keep you focused longer. Go for a walk or go grab a coffee. This can give you some much needed screen-free time and keep you sharp as you continue your day.
  • “Keep your desk clear” A clear desk means a clear mind. That’s a saying, right? No? Well it should be! A cluttered desk will keep you distracted and foster a negative work environment. Clean up your workspace and you will be free and clear for a productive day of getting stuff done! It allows for much more freedom to adapt and collaborate with others, which really sets you up for long term success.
  • “Set daily goals” You know how much we love a good goal-setting. Having a daily to-do list of small tasks will help you feel accomplished as you cross each one off. Writing down each task for the day helps outline what is expected and gives you a clear sense of accomplishment when you’re able check it off. It might even be great to pair this checklist with small rewards. Reward yourself with little treats (like a walk around the office or a fancy piece of chocolate) when you finish a harder task and you will be more likely to complete those tasks.

Creating a better work flow can seem daunting, but it will make the day go by much quicker and help you regulate your mental capacity. Give these tips a try and see how it affects your workday! We promise it will help you out.