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Sometimes, staying focused at work can be an extraordinarily difficult task. There are a million other things we could be doing at that moment: sinking that trash ball into the wastebasket, playing Angry Birds, twiddling your thumbs, contemplating the great meaning of the universe (it’s 42 by the way), you get the picture.

Tweak Your Biz created a list of ways to further improve employee productivity that we would love to share with you now.

  1. Accountability~ When one is made well aware of their own accountability, they are far more likely to actually get things done. There is no passing the baton or placing blame on someone else. When held accountable, the employee will work with focus and dedication to the job.
  2. Follow Up~ It is important to follow up on each milestone or target set. It helps keep up to date progress and shows the arc of success. Basically, it keeps the person on track with their project.
  3. Manage the Work Force but Avoid Micromanagement~ You know that we like to foster employee engagement and that means allowing them to rise to their own successes. It is not up to you to micromanage every little thing they do, but provide direction and assistance when needed. Give them the freedom to be productive. That trust will go a long way! Your employees need to be able to think for themselves and give their best to the job. It is your responsibility to allow them to do so.
  4. Encourage, Motivate, Reward, and Recognize~ People need words of encouragement and positive reinforcement in their lives. Innovative motivation helps spur on good work. People appreciate being appreciated—and their work shows it. One always works harder and produces better results when they know they will empress their boss… or receive some sort of reward.
  5. Reach Out to Employees by Seeking Them Out~ This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Employees want to feel as if they are needed—like they have your ear and you value their opinion. Reach out and watch them double their productivity.
  6. Demand Realistic Targets~ Set realistic goals in order to see productivity rise. Do not set unachievable tasks and expect a miracle. Keep things in the real of realism and your employees will work harder on their projects. Farfetched goals only lead to burned out and resentful employees.
  7. Team Work~ This is absolutely essential! Collaboration and team work definitely increases employee productivity. Working alone does not always garner the best results—sometimes, you have to utilize the team in order to see the results you wish.
  8. Ensure that People Enjoy their Work~ We know that the best employee is a happy employee. Provide a safe and trusting environment with good working conditions and your employees will deliver. In addition, make sure that the work is interesting and challenging and not boring.
  9. Break the Monotony and Rotate~ Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut doing tasks that we excel at. It is smart to rotate tasks in order to deter monotony. It might even challenge your employees to strive to new heights of greatness.
  10. Courses and Improvement Options~ Employees love a chance to become good at a new skill or enhance the old ones. Offering additional learning opportunities is a win-win situation. By sponsoring someone taking courses, they feel indebted to you and will work even harder.
  11. Spend Less Time on Meetings and More on Action~ Meetings are important, but you do not need to have a million ‘discussion meetings.’ It can be an incredible waste of time. Give time to actually put the discussion into action. Focus on utilizing office time and the productivity will soar.
  12. Tools and Equipment to Raise Productivity~ We live in the age of technology, right? So your office should have best equipment for what you need. Tools that help save time and produce the best results are a must. Efficient electronic machinery will really help employees stay focused and generate quality work.